Stand Strong! Face Your Fears! Don’t Let Your Beauty Dream Get Away!

It’s no secret that change can be scary. In fact, in the face of change people are more likely to freeze and flee than face and fight.

Fearing change is a very real thing, and if you have found yourself on the fleeing side of that equation before, know that you are not alone.

Everyone will face a change that scares them, but what happens if you are faced with that fear just steps away from taking that big leap and pursuing the career you have always wanted?

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Battle Creek we see future beauty professionals reach that crossroad every day. We watch them face the fear of change, questioning their own potential, as they stall just steps away from pursuing their dreams.

While it may seem easier to listen to the fear and cast that dream to the side, it is more often that we see them stare that fear in the face and come out victorious.

If you have found yourself frozen before reaching your dream, do not fear! Here are five things to keep in mind to help silence those doubts and reach your dreams!

One thing to keep in mind on your journey toward your dream is the future you envision for yourself. As we go through this list, write down on a piece of paper what your goals are. Keep them in mind as you tour and meet with admissions coordinators and others. Knowing where you want to be, and what it takes to get there can help you conquer anything that stands in your way.

  1. Time and Commitment

    woman with role in hair holding clockOne of the main things that causes people to take a step back from their dreams is the time involved. This can happen for many reasons, maybe you have a full time job you are going to need to maintain, or maybe your commitments to friends and family are making you question if you can fit beauty school into your life.

    These roadblocks can be quite common – but they do not need to be the end of the road! Talk to your friends and family and take a temperature of the support you have as you step into your new journey. You may be surprised at those around you who are willing to help you make your dreams a reality.

    Better still, all of the educators and students at TSPA Battle Creek are ready to support you, too. Even when things get hard, you could feel so much better with so many cheering you on.

    Changing your stars is going to take work, and it might be uncomfortable, but past all of that work is an amazing future.

    Just reach out and grab it!

  2. Financial Restraints

    woman weight books and piggy bank Similar to the time commitment of beauty school, the cost can become a deterrent to many. While the financial investment of school can seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be!

    There are many options available to help ease the cost and make school a reality. In addition to payment arrangements and scholarship opportunities, TSPA Battle Creek is proud to offer financial aid to those who qualify.

    These additions can make your dreams of a beauty career a possibility. For more information, schedule a time to sit down with our Financial Aid Administrator to learn more about your options and begin your application process.

  3. Have the Right Expectations

    There is nothing worse than ordering a Sprite and getting a water instead. The same goes for your beauty school experience. Without the right expectations you may be in for a rude awakening.

    Before you start, make sure you have asked every question you may have and read any documentation you might have been given. Understanding the school’s policies can help you to have the right expectation, and make your beauty school experience a smooth one.

  4. Be Prepared to Work

    girl getting hair cutFrom classes, to assignments, to the time you spend in the Student Salon Training Area, you will be putting a lot of hours in! They will all build to create something amazing! Every class you take is an important step in mastering the skill that could help you build the career you want.

    Be ready to work, learn, and discover, and you could find more success than you expect! Just do your best and you could reach those dreams before you know it.

  5. Know Your Final Destination

    The journey to your future is going to be full of ups and downs, and while those hills can feel like a rollercoaster, they can also easily derail you from what you want. Keeping your final destination in mind can help you keep your eyes on the prize and help the journey feel more like an adventure.

    Create a dream board in your bedroom or locker at school and help keep your focus aligned and your eyes on the prize so to speak.

Your beauty school journey may seem like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be! Face your fears and it could turn into your greatest adventure!

If you are interested in seeing how The Salon Professional Academy, Battle Creek can help you to build the future you have dreamed of. Join us for a tour of our facility and take a peek at our school and the staff and student body that is eager to support and cheer you on. Every step of the way.

Contact us today.