5 Mind Bending Makeup Looks for Halloween

The Halloween season is quickly approaching, bringing with it the biggest and best costume party of the year.

Yes, the treats, the crisp air, and the pumpkin spice, are all high on the list of what makes this time of year perfect – but nothing can top the costumes.

After all, there is no other time of year that walking around dressed as the bride of Frankenstein is considered “cool.” Now is the time to let that child in you soar and showcase your amazing talent, something that is especially true if you have a passion for makeup.

After all, the makeup around Halloween can be truly amazing, and perhaps even mind bending.

Lately, we have seen a trend of visual effect makeup that has our minds reeling! If you are looking for some truly inspirational looks, try to wrap your head around these five amazing creations.



  1. Bad Reception


    You have seen it happen, the storm takes the cable out and everything goes all stretched and wobbly. This amazing makeup is created by artist Darin Yoon who enjoys taking real experiences and situations and making them come to life with makeup.

    She has definitely accomplished the look perfectly.

  2. Don’t Lose Your Head

    Amazing work from Seth Baker!!

    Nothing will freak people out more than this makeup created by Seth Baker. The optical illusion utilizes the dark of a halloween night to its full benefit, making the neck completely disappear. Spooky.

  3. Anger Control Issues

    Debris Designs

    Scream it out with this illusion created by Janet Debris of Debris Designs. This makeup truly makes the wearers mouth look like it is taking over their whole face… and neck. That’s a whole lot of screaming.

  4. Don’t be a Dummy

    To some, nothing is scarier than ventriloquist dummies, and this perfectly crafted work by xtianaland is going to make you see nothing else. Perfect to haunt your dreams… and your friends.

  5. Share Your Dreams

    Galaxy Makeup

    Are you a dreamer? Or do you just get lost in thought. Share that beauty, and show people what lies inside with this creative makeup. With variations of this look all over the web, you are sure to find something to unzip your creativity.

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