Find Your Beautiful Lengths in Battle Creek’s Cosmetology Program

Not all cosmetology programs are created equal.
Even though basic standards and curriculum expectations are set by the state, there are still variables that exist between different schools. Each school will have different passions, different goals, and even different brand and franchise connections that will set them apart from one another to give students a unique experience.
It’s important as a student to research schools. Take the time to understand curriculums, the teachers educations, the passion of the owners, and most importantly the culture of a school to find the cosmetology education that is the perfect fit for you.

A Second Home

Let’s face the facts. You are going to be spending a lot of time at your cosmetology school. Even if you are taking part time classes you could still be here for thirty hours a week. Who you are with and the culture and environment of the school is very important to your learning experience.
At The Salon Professional Academy Battle Creek, we want to make sure that every one of our students feel at home while they are enrolled with us. Feeling safe and secure within our facility will give you a greater opportunity not only to learn but to let your imagination and creativity soar. Cosmetology is based in creativity, and when you feel at home that ability can reach amazing heights. Welcome home.

SPA Battle Creek Cosmetology Program The Skills You Need

  • Hands-on Education– Your skills are only as good as the practice you put behind it. With a busy student salon and one-on-one monthly instruction with your mentor, you will be able to perfect the creative talent you have been harboring for years.
  • Facilities to Make You Say “Ahh”– Where you train and practice matters. By working in a facility that is modern, chic, and professional you are preparing yourself for a future in the same environment.
  • Be Ready for Today– The business has changed. New skills are needed to market yourself and find the clients you want. With social media integration and training in guest relations at TSPA Battle Creek we hope you will be ready for any change that lies ahead.


To innovate is to create, to challenge a new idea or product, to try. We embrace innovation in our curriculum by constantly updating, including new products and styles, and making sure our teachers are up to date in their training and experience. Our innovation stems beyond our talented instructors, it seeps into how we teach. With each student receiving an iPad for their use, it gives us the ability to teach you hands on, not only with hair, but with the social media skills that will drive your clients and your future business.

To The Future

The future is what you make it, and with the education you need behind it, you can reach any dream. We strive to prepare each of our students for the possibilities ahead. By arming them with the skills that drives this industry, they should be prepared to sit for the state exam and for the start of a new future.

Are you ready to see what our cosmetology program can do for you? Contact our admissions department to schedule a tour and discover where a career in cosmetology can take you.

TSPA Battle Creek Cosmetology Program