What Jobs Can a Cosmetologist in Michigan Have?

Becoming a cosmetologist can be more than just working in a salon. There are a wide variety of careers available to those with a cosmetology license. It’s just a matter of finding them. If you’re thinking about becoming a cosmetologist, here’s what you can expect to learn and find when searching for a career.

Start Your Career in a Hair Salon or Spa in Michigan

woman working in salon Working in a salon is a great place to start your career, but it isn’t the only career available to cosmetologists. Depending on the salon or spa, you can get experience doing a wide variety of services, from hairstyling to makeup. Working in a full-service salon can help you know what you really enjoy doing or jobs that you don’t like doing as much.

There are a variety of salons and spas in Battle Creek, Michigan. In fact, there are many local places to explore and get experience from. Regardless of which place you choose, make sure to keep in mind what services you want to provide your guests. Many places in Michigan offer hair styling, nail care, and skin care services.

Teach Cosmetology

After working as a cosmetologist for a few years you can work toward becoming a licensed cosmetology instructor. This job is a perfect fit for those who love teaching and those who want to share their passion for cosmetics! In order to become a licensed cosmetology instructor in Michigan you must:

  • Be a licensed cosmetologist.
  • Have at least 3 years experience as a cosmetologist, working with natural hair cultivation, hair care services, skin care services, and manicuring services.
  • Complete 500 hours of instructor training.
  • Pass an examination approved by the Department and the Board.

Find the Unexpected

woman cutting hairLove the marketing and business aspect of cosmetology? Find careers with titles such as “beauty advisor” that focus on selling a certain product or brand to customers. Having a cosmetology license can help you explain to customers what certain products do and how to use them. The Salon Professional Academy provides an education in business and marketing skills to help you learn customer service best practices.

Go Big in Michigan

Want to go big? Makeup artists are needed for events like the Michigan Fashion Week every year. You can start with a cosmetologist license then work toward building your brand. With enough experience and a great portfolio, you can start finding jobs working with fashion designers to help bring their designs to life. While this career takes a lot of patience and hard work to obtain, it is possible.

Become Your Own Boss

teaching how to cut hair With the right skills and right licensing, you can open your own salon. There are many advantages to becoming your own boss. By becoming your own boss, you can choose your hours, services, and location.

Michigan offers licensing for full-service salons and limited-service salons. If, after obtaining your cosmetologist license, you find that you enjoy one aspect of cosmetology over another, you can choose to do what you love. You can decide what you want to specialize in by starting your own salon.

Where to Start?

Do these jobs sound like something you would want to do? Check out our cosmetology program to find out how to get started.