What Do Our Students Think About Distance Learning?

During these unprecedented times so many things have changed and some new cool things have been implemented. Sometimes change can be hard specially when you are so focused on the same everyday routine. This time has been wonderful for some people because they have had the opportunity to explore and others have struggled to find something new to do.

Few weeks before lockdown we knew we needed to get ready for whatever would come our way. Because of that TSPA began to prepare by created an avenue that would keep us moving during these times. 

BOOM! Distance Learning  was introduced the first week of lockdown. Distance Learning provided the opportunity for current students to keep learning. We also opened the door for NEW STUDENTS to start their careers.

We are here to help you start your new career.

We have had so many wonderful testimonials of how distant learning has brought back hope.


  • “I’ve been online for a while!! I’ve actually been really like the mindtap a lot!! I feel like it’s really helped me re-learn everything I’ve already learned but more in-depth”
  • “I am very thankful that I get to graduate on time because of it.”

We invite you to be apart of this movement by enrolling today!

This is the perfect time for you to start your new career! See you soon… virtually! lol

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Title IV: Financial Aid (financial assistance available for those who qualify. For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit



There has been a lot of transitions going on the past two weeks and here at TSPA we have been getting ready for what is next. We take your education seriously and will provide all of the resource we possibly can. That is why we are excited to announce that we will be doing DISTANT LEARNING (online classes). This is all a new experience for all of us but as a team we will be able to get through it. Thank you so much for your patience!

For people that are interesting in starting their career we are still going to be ENROLLING. We will take care of your enrolling process all online! This is the right time to get started! Contact Us Today! 269-719-1013

February’s Recap

February was the month of love so we decided to have a giveaway! There were two prizes and that was a basket with a to goodies and a 3- Night Vacation to Las Vegas! It was a wonderful experience to give back to our beautiful clients. We would love to do it again so look forward to upcoming surprises!

Weather Conditions

The Salon Professional Academy follows the Calhoun County school district closings.

January 23, 2019 Wednesday closed due to excessive Michigan weather conditions.

January 29, 2019, Tuesday closed due to excessive Michigan weather conditions. January 30, 2019 Wednesday closed due to excessive Michigan weather conditions. January 31, 2019 Thursday closed due to excessive Michigan weather conditions.

Keep warm!

February 1,2019 Friday closed due to excessive Michigan weather conditions.

Master Esthetics At TSPA Battle Creek

Whether you have been to the spa lately or not, the idea of a spa day is probably one that holds high in your “must dos.” It’s no wonder why. When you spend a day at the spa you are enrolling yourself in a pampering experience that will leave you feeling recharged and beautiful.
Spas have become so popular that the careers that keep them running have been growing at a rate of more than 5x the national average. With an estimated 6,600 new spa related jobs becoming available in 2017 alone, and a wide majority of them centered around Esthetics, it’s no wonder the Esthetics program at The Salon Professional Academy Battle Creek has become so popular.

The Esthetics Difference

With a program that builds a heavy foundation in the basics while delving into the current trends, we strive to give our students the education they need to build a future in this budding industry. We go beyond scrubs and herbs and utilize Bio Elements technology to help our students provide their clients up-to-date service, and give them the skills that many employers are looking for.

Esthetics Classes in MichiganWhat You Will Learn

  • Create Beauty– All of our esthetics students are trained in makeup application. The course, utilizing Mirabella Mineral Makeup products, will give students an added education that can build a powerful portfolio.
  • A Business Mind– A future in Esthetics is more than just knowing how to apply the perfect face mask. You need the business skills that will help you build a clientele and keep it growing.
  • Bio Elements Education– TSPA Battle Creek has partnered with Bio Elements to give our students access to specialized techniques utilizing Bio Elements Face Mapping® skin analysis system.
  • Step Into Your Future– We want to see our students succeed, by providing job placement assistance we help each of our graduates find a place that is right for them, and build the future that they dream of.

What Lies Ahead

Careers in Esthetics can be some of the most varied out there. With positions available everywhere from spas to wellness centers you can find a place that suits your style, and create the future that you want. Plus, with the added makeup certification in our course you have the opportunity to build a side-business of your own, doing makeup for weddings and film and everywhere in between.

The TSPA Difference

Not every esthetics program is the same. While much of the curriculum and topics covered from school to school will be similar due to state regulations, it’s the additions and culture that the school embodies that will make the difference. This difference extends beyond your experience at the school, into the type of career you can find on the other side.
Because an esthetics education at TSPA Battle Creek has a focus on modern techniques, and advanced skills it can greatly impact the work you will be able to find.
Most importantly, you want to make sure you fit with the culture and mood of a school. You want to feel like you are at home.
At TSPA Battle Creek we work hard to create a positive place of learning and growth where students can not only feel free to be themselves, but to explore their creativity and grow into talented Estheticians.

If you have been considering a career in Esthetics, or want to learn more about how the Esthetics program can change your life, schedule a tour at TSPA Battle Creek today and fall in love with your future.

Esthetics Classes in Michigan