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As a salon student you need to consider ways that you can establish credibility within the market to grow your business.  Creating a professional social media account will help you start positioning yourself as a go-to expert while separating yourself from competition and increases the chances of you staying booked.

Try these tips to take your social media experience to another level.



Separate your personal social media accounts from your professional accounts to showcase an online portfolio of your work and quality of service. Your goal is to position yourself as an expert within the industry.  Choose the business profile option and create a compelling bio that details your qualifications, contact info, special services and how to book an appointment with you.


  • Take before & after pictures.
  • Use call to actions in post – example call now to schedule or book appointment.
  • Use trending hashtags and buzz words in descriptions.
  • Featured products used and reviews.
  • How to style videos.
  • Promotions, Contest & giveaways.
  • Clients testimonials.
  • Create blog articles and provide solutions to your client’s problems.



  • See how they take photos and market their brand.
  • Participate on their page conversations.
  • Collaborate and connect to gain even more exposure and experience.
  • You might find your next business opportunity when meeting new people.





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OK, so you have a passion for beauty.

Your friends and family love it when you do their hair, makeup and nails.  You now want to turn your passion into a career.

In this blog we’ve listed ten key questions students should ask when choosing a beauty school and how to know if it’s a right fit. After reading, you’ll have a checklist of questions to assist you in the next step of scheduling a tour to visit the campus.

Every student and school is different. Therefor you need to know what’s the best environment for your learning style and your career goals. 

Lets begin.

1.  Accreditation

2.  Financial Aid & Payment Options

3.  Academic & Curriculum Quality

4.  Learning Experience

5.  Program Schedule

6.  Materials, Kits & Cost

7.  Graduation Rate & Job Placement

8.  Location, Commute & Parking

9.  Reputation & Reviews

10.  Enrollment Requirements

Congratulations, you now have a checklist ready to be used.  Be sure that the school checks off as many boxes, answer your questions and meet your standards. When they do, you may have found the right school for you.

 We’re here to help launch your career.

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Mike’s Corner: No Substitute for Hard Work

 Students often ask what it takes to be successful in secondary education. They are so busy with trying to balance life with school that they lose a certain amount of perspective. 

  The only tools students need are an extra-ordinary work ethic, dedication to their chosen craft and a never say die will. Students are faced with the challenges of not only school and home life, but currently we are going through a pandemic, the first of its kind, that many people, not only students are experiencing for the first time in their history. There has been major health crisis in the past, but nothing that these students and many of the administration have never faced. There has been some bad flu seasons and tragic events, but nothing like this. These students deserve a certain amount of praise for just coming back to school. 

 Combine the efforts of the pandemic and pair that with the amount of social injustice taking place around the country, it is easy to understand some of the stress these young students have to endure on a daily basis. As educators we need to able to step back, do analysis, and sympathize as well as empathize with the students. We do not know the path they are on at home or in the society as a whole, to recognize there are issues bigger than the school and education becomes a must for us. 

  Hard work the students perform in this day cannot be measured by academics alone. There are some serious consequences going on that really pull students all over the place and many get caught up in those circumstances and education becomes secondary. By taking the time to try to understand may take the edge of and provide some relief to some. We cannot fully understand any situation, because we are going through this one day at a time, just like our students, just like society as a whole. 

Ann’s Corner: Returning To Client Services On The Clinic Floor

These past two weeks The Salon Professional Academy has had the privilege of opening our clinic floor for client services.
The Salon and Spa suites have had many haircuts, facials and massages come through the door as people are eager to return to some sense of ‘normalcy’.
It has been going very well.
We’ve received positive feedback on the policies and procedures that we have put into place as far as temp taking, documentation and masks pertains.
The students are getting caught up after several months away from their school and their clinic floor and are extremely eager to work with clients again. We realize how important working with people is to our profession. It’s everything.
We look forward to making you feel beautiful during your visit to our Salon and our Spa Suites.

Mike’s Corner: Want, Need and motivation

Want, Need and motivation

   Very often the success of a student and overall their professional development  may come down to the simple form of wants, needs and those things that provide motivation. This has always been a concern when dealing with new students or students pursuing a change in their careers. Early within my class one of the things I like to do is have the students make a list of these three things, a column of wants and column of needs and a column of those things or people that motivate them. These will help them formulate goals and plans as they develop their career objectives.

   The wants are the simple things that could help them in their business plans, not necessities, but hose things that would give them the edge over competition; after all it is these things that separate successful business from those that go under after a short time. The next column would be the needs of or for their business. Items or supplies that are going to be required to perform the basic tasks of the business they are getting involved. Nothing over the top, but basic needs to operate, and in many cases, make some money. Finally, the people or things that provide motivation. This is sometimes referred to as the “Why”. This will help a student regain focus or remember why they have decided to pursue a life changing experience like going back to or continuing school.

  The simple and plain truth is that each of us have some form or hierarchy of needs. As Maslow (1943) explained in his work, that once we satisfy the basic needs in our life we are able to take on more complex tasks and explore not only ourselves, but the world around us. Give us that little thing to help us move forward with decisions and provide a platform for success. Basically set or explained, a student can create an environment of success and reach their potential it is important that they first are able make the basic needs an focal point and take the actions to secure those basic things and then move on to the greater challenges with confidence. By the formalization of these lists a student can outline their success in goals which are believable and attainable. Small goals equal the bigger picture and career success.

  As an educator, the goal of helping a student recognize their potential, and open their minds to the world; to the key to their continued success. Finding a way to engage and keep them involved is also important. By using their own motivation and purpose the task becomes more real to the student and makes the process a team effort.


Maslow, A. H. (1943). A theory of human motivation. Psychological Review, 50(4), 370-96. Maslow, A. H. (1954)


WE ARE BACK! We have missed our classrooms, students, and clients. It has been a challenging time and we are excited to say that we’re opening back up for the public JUNE 30th, 2020. Call 269-962-4400 or go to to schedule your appointment.

Our new normal does come with some new requirements for the safety of our students, staff, and clients. The following things are to be expected when you arrive for your appointment:

  • Temperature Check
  • Questionnaire
  • A CDC Approved Mask Will Be Provided

We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces! 

Ann’s Corner: Online Learning Program

Introducing an Online Learning Program to our Students has been a rewarding experience for them. The Students have been able to do the Theory portion of their program at a pace that is comfortable for each of them individually. Senior Students are using Online Learning as a review tool to prepare for their State Board Exam. There are several benefits to having Online Learning in our School. Including introducing students to future technology they will need to prepare to market themselves when they become an independent licensed professional.
Ann Marie Wilson
Cosmetology Instructor

Mike’s Corner: Factors In Your Educational Journey

 The decision to return to school or continue on the educational journey is one that can be frightening and worrisome. There are many factors that go into even making the decision to go back to school, a lot of brainstorming and contemplation. It is a huge step in the next stage of your life and could have career implications, a decision not to be made lightly.

     Once the decision has been made and the school of choice has been researched and discovered, the next phase has become very important, if fact in the 20+ years of educating young people there are two factors that stick out as monumental. The first one is support system and the second equally important is time management.

    Having the support of those around you cannot be understated. This can be the difference between completing class and surrendering to the daily stressors that keep us from achieving success. The people we choose to surround ourselves with can go a long way to that goal of achieving success; the motivation to push on when things get difficult or stressful, the background push to keep one moving towards that goal. Also being there to lend support emotionally and physical if the situation would arise. A strong support system can keep the rest of the world at bay, while the pursuit of education continues; having someone take some of the burden of everyday life so it doesn’t seem so involving. Support person can be a cheer leader, and a voice of reason and ever a shoulder to cry on, either way, a valuable partner in the road to career success. A solid support system can give the learner the time and opportunity to pursue education without the rest of the world coming to an end.

    Secondly, but most important that the first is the process of time management, being able to budget and schedule time to dedicate to the process of study and school work seems to go unsaid, The complications of which can be far reaching and devastating to the learner. It is thing to say, one is going to study, it is another thing to have the people around us, yes including the support system to know and respect that decision. Having a place to dedicate to school work can set the parameters to the rest of the family or support people. Those individuals would need to recognize the need and the importance of this time for your career study. This decision is important to you, it means something to you. It should have some meaning for those around as well. It is not only your life that could benefit from this continued education. They need to have the respect for you and your career path.

   It is not an easy task to decide to attend school, especially as an adult learner, there are many decision pulling you in many different directions. The strive to do better is a good start, with proper planning and dedication the dreams can come true. This is the first step to your new normal, Step wisely and carefully.


Michael Firlein

Director of Education

What Do Our Students Think About Distance Learning?

During these unprecedented times so many things have changed and some new cool things have been implemented. Sometimes change can be hard specially when you are so focused on the same everyday routine. This time has been wonderful for some people because they have had the opportunity to explore and others have struggled to find something new to do.

Few weeks before lockdown we knew we needed to get ready for whatever would come our way. Because of that TSPA began to prepare by created an avenue that would keep us moving during these times. 

BOOM! Distance Learning  was introduced the first week of lockdown. Distance Learning provided the opportunity for current students to keep learning. We also opened the door for NEW STUDENTS to start their careers.

We are here to help you start your new career.

We have had so many wonderful testimonials of how distant learning has brought back hope.


  • “I’ve been online for a while!! I’ve actually been really like the mindtap a lot!! I feel like it’s really helped me re-learn everything I’ve already learned but more in-depth”
  • “I am very thankful that I get to graduate on time because of it.”

We invite you to be apart of this movement by enrolling today!

This is the perfect time for you to start your new career! See you soon… virtually! lol

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There has been a lot of transitions going on the past two weeks and here at TSPA we have been getting ready for what is next. We take your education seriously and will provide all of the resource we possibly can. That is why we are excited to announce that we will be doing DISTANT LEARNING (online classes). This is all a new experience for all of us but as a team we will be able to get through it. Thank you so much for your patience!

For people that are interesting in starting their career we are still going to be ENROLLING. We will take care of your enrolling process all online! This is the right time to get started! Contact Us Today! 269-719-1013