OK, so you have a passion for beauty.

Your friends and family love it when you do their hair, makeup and nails.  You now want to turn your passion into a career.

In this blog we’ve listed ten key questions students should ask when choosing a beauty school and how to know if it’s a right fit. After reading, you’ll have a checklist of questions to assist you in the next step of scheduling a tour to visit the campus.

Every student and school is different. Therefor you need to know what’s the best environment for your learning style and your career goals. 

Lets begin.

1.  Accreditation

2.  Financial Aid & Payment Options

3.  Academic & Curriculum Quality

4.  Learning Experience

5.  Program Schedule

6.  Materials, Kits & Cost

7.  Graduation Rate & Job Placement

8.  Location, Commute & Parking

9.  Reputation & Reviews

10.  Enrollment Requirements

Congratulations, you now have a checklist ready to be used.  Be sure that the school checks off as many boxes, answer your questions and meet your standards. When they do, you may have found the right school for you.

 We’re here to help launch your career.

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