WE ARE BACK! We have missed our classrooms, students, and clients. It has been a challenging time and we are excited to say that we’re opening back up for the public JUNE 30th, 2020. Call 269-962-4400 or go to www.tspabattlecreek.com to schedule your appointment.

Our new normal does come with some new requirements for the safety of our students, staff, and clients. The following things are to be expected when you arrive for your appointment:

  • Temperature Check
  • Questionnaire
  • A CDC Approved Mask Will Be Provided

We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces! 

Ann’s Corner: Online Learning Program

Introducing an Online Learning Program to our Students has been a rewarding experience for them. The Students have been able to do the Theory portion of their program at a pace that is comfortable for each of them individually. Senior Students are using Online Learning as a review tool to prepare for their State Board Exam. There are several benefits to having Online Learning in our School. Including introducing students to future technology they will need to prepare to market themselves when they become an independent licensed professional.
Ann Marie Wilson
Cosmetology Instructor

Mike’s Corner: Factors In Your Educational Journey

 The decision to return to school or continue on the educational journey is one that can be frightening and worrisome. There are many factors that go into even making the decision to go back to school, a lot of brainstorming and contemplation. It is a huge step in the next stage of your life and could have career implications, a decision not to be made lightly.

     Once the decision has been made and the school of choice has been researched and discovered, the next phase has become very important, if fact in the 20+ years of educating young people there are two factors that stick out as monumental. The first one is support system and the second equally important is time management.

    Having the support of those around you cannot be understated. This can be the difference between completing class and surrendering to the daily stressors that keep us from achieving success. The people we choose to surround ourselves with can go a long way to that goal of achieving success; the motivation to push on when things get difficult or stressful, the background push to keep one moving towards that goal. Also being there to lend support emotionally and physical if the situation would arise. A strong support system can keep the rest of the world at bay, while the pursuit of education continues; having someone take some of the burden of everyday life so it doesn’t seem so involving. Support person can be a cheer leader, and a voice of reason and ever a shoulder to cry on, either way, a valuable partner in the road to career success. A solid support system can give the learner the time and opportunity to pursue education without the rest of the world coming to an end.

    Secondly, but most important that the first is the process of time management, being able to budget and schedule time to dedicate to the process of study and school work seems to go unsaid, The complications of which can be far reaching and devastating to the learner. It is thing to say, one is going to study, it is another thing to have the people around us, yes including the support system to know and respect that decision. Having a place to dedicate to school work can set the parameters to the rest of the family or support people. Those individuals would need to recognize the need and the importance of this time for your career study. This decision is important to you, it means something to you. It should have some meaning for those around as well. It is not only your life that could benefit from this continued education. They need to have the respect for you and your career path.

   It is not an easy task to decide to attend school, especially as an adult learner, there are many decision pulling you in many different directions. The strive to do better is a good start, with proper planning and dedication the dreams can come true. This is the first step to your new normal, Step wisely and carefully.


Michael Firlein

Director of Education